Crane Selector Chart

Every project that we come across varies widely meaning that so too do the requirements for each unique job. We’ve made selecting equipment for your project as simple as possible with our Crane Selector Chart that enables you to quickly assess which sized crane you will likely need to use.

Choose from either the weight/radius option to base your selection on weight and distance otherwise choose weight/height to make a selection based on how high the crane will need to reach.

Note that height and distance are measured in metres and weight is measured in tonnes. Once you have found a suitable crane for your requirements, click on the square for further specifications and information on equipment.

Note that the colour divisions separate the different sizes of crane so you can quickly assess which bracket your project will sit.

Our crane selector chart is a simple way of figuring out what type of crane is required for your project. If you need help understanding how a crane works, and the things to think about when choosing a crane, watch our helpful video here.