Crane Hire

Mobile Cranes

mobile crane hire hamiltonAll Terrain and Truck Cranes are called Mobile Cranes because they can travel on the road.

This makes them efficient for the small jobs (taxi cranes jobs) and short term hires (1 to 12 weeks) because they cost less to establish on site than a crawler crane or tower crane.

A truck crane is quick to rig on site and move. An All-Terrain crane is packed with features such as all axle steering systems, multi axle drives and variable out-rigger length.

View a video about Liebherr Vario Base

Crawler Cranes

crawler crane hire waikatoCrawler Cranes are suited to long term, low rise construction projects such as retirement villages or construction projects with big foot prints such as shopping malls because the Crawler Crane can move around the job site. It can also “walk” with the load so can be considered for pick and carry jobs.

Things to consider when assessing whether a Crawler Crane will be suitable for your project is establishment area as the Crawler Crane needs to be assembled on site, establishment cost, and ground conditions – keeping in mind that the site must be level and well compacted.

Mini Cranes

mini crane hire AuckandCranes are supposed to be big, right? Nope, however we’ll forgive you for thinking this. While mini cranes are smaller than the average sized crane, they’re still incredibly strong and are great for projects where accessibility or space is an issue.

Mini cranes can be used on both interior and exterior areas and are the favoured option for tight corners or small hard to reach areas.